Large plant containers for trees






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GRP (glass fibre)

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and AC (advanced composite) plant containers have been used in interior and exterior landscaping for many years. These materials are totally waterproof, rot-proof, lightweight and impact resistant and in the sixty years or so that glass fibre has been in use, no properly constructed product has failed or degraded.  










Large GRP plant containers for trees can be produced in ceramic and terracotta style, streaked copper finish, antique lead style and natural stone finishes.   Planters in any  BS or RAL colour can be supplied as can metallic finishes, pearlescent finishes and stardust, a fine metallic finish.









Large GRP lead style tree planter



Lead style


Tall bowl

Bell urn

Tuscan style

Terracotta style



Tapered urn

Versailles style

Large round GRP tree planter
Large lead style GRP planter trough
Large GRP shallow bowl planter
Large urn style tree planter
Large terracotta style tree planter
Large terracotta style GRP planter
Large GRP bowl tree planter
Large tapered square GRP tree planter
Large tapered round GRP tree planter

BS colours

Other sizes are available at

Sizes in mm.   Delivery charges apply.

Ribbed finish for GRP cube

Ribbed finish


for cube

Large glass fibre versailles planter

Cromwellian lead style

Terracotta pineapple style

Hampstead lead style

Large GRP bowl tree planter
Large tapered square GRP tree planter

910 wide x 720 tall rivetted style

Large GRP bowl tree planter